Water Safety PSA Videos

Targeting the increased rate of drowning and near-drowning incidents in the United States, STOP DROWNING NOW, in collaboration with D&D Technologies, INTEX, and United States Swim School Association, launched a Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign, “Identify & Reduce Your Family’s Drowning Risk.” The series of three informational videos will focus on water safety measures that individuals can take to remain safer when in, on, or around water. 

To date, 24 regional TV stations have picked up the PSA videos and are currently broadcasting them from California to Virginia.  In addition to that distribution, the PSA spots will be seen in doctors’ offices, medical clinics, and hospitals throughout the U.S. The videos urge viewers to focus on three common elements of drowning: water, people, and response. Each 3-minute video focuses on creating a safer water experience. PSA #1: Water safety at home with pools & spas; PSA #2: Water safety while on vacation; PSA #3: Water safety in open bodies of water. 

Please share theses important water safety videos. 


Safer 3 PSA Videos